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IAS Builders is the leading restoration and construction company in San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, and across the region. With years of experience and success in the industry, our dedicated team of general building contractors implements top-tier equipment to rejuvenate your property and restore it to pre-loss condition.

We specialize in catastrophe restoration and reconstruction and we restore your residential or commercial property after smoke, fire, and water damage. What’s more, we can also perform renovations and remodels of your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas. Count on our specialists to finalize your project according to your standards and ensure your maximum satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of expertise-based services

trusted general & restoration contractors in San Diego, CA
Restoration & Reconstruction

We boast more than a decade of experience restoring properties to their pre-loss condition, so feel free to enlist our assistance.

Expert residential and commercial construction and reconstruction in San Diego
Residential Construction

Whether you want to add functionality or additional living space, we’ll help give your residential property the upgrade it deserves.

Tailored commercial construction and reconstruction services in San Diego
Commercial Construction

Our team combines cutting-edge equipment with time-tested methods to deliver premium results for our commercial clients.

Expert residential and commercial construction contractors near me in San Diego
Insurance policy claim assistance

We specialize in helping policyholders through the claim process and returning their homes to their pre-loss conditions.

Professional kitchen restoration contractors & builders in San Diego

We possess the required skills, experience, and equipment to update your kitchen and make it the heart of your home.

Professional bathroom restoration contractors & builders in San Diego

Our pros use top-tier materials to breathe new life into your home to give you a modern and seamless design of your bathroom.

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Why we’re the leading restoration & construction company in San Diego County

Detailed approach

Our general contractors carefully plan every phase of the project taking into account your specific requirements and needs.

Customized projects

Whether it’s constructing a stylish new bathroom or performing a detailed restoration of your property, we’ll create a unique project.

Extensive warranty

Besides high-quality workmanship, we provide a 4-year warranties for all new work and a 10-year warranty on structural work.

Qualified professionals

We boast a team of seasoned professionals who can perform a wide array of complex restoration and construction projects.

Seamless construction

We utilize tried-and-true methods with durable and long-lasting materials to deliver a comprehensive restoration of your property.

Free quotes

We offer a free initial quote on all the required repairs for your restoration project so you know why and how much you’re paying.

Award-wining construction & general contractors San Diego CA

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Restoration & reconstruction for residential and commercial buildings San Diego

Our general contractors will finalize your restoration

We are a proud member of the National City Chamber of Commerce and boast a team of certified craftsmen who will prioritize your needs and requirements. To ensure every project we take on in San Diego and the area is up to the standard of our reconstruction company, we provide all-encompassing services for the restoration of your property. When you partner with us, you can expect detailed project management, regular updates, and seamless construction.

What’s more, we offer professional Xactimate estimates and you can allow us to negotiate directly with your insurance company during your restoration project. You can count on us to restore or replace damage resulting from smoke, fire, flood, and water. Finally, rely on us to match the textures and materials of your drywall, flooring, and cabinetry and ensure top-quality restoration and long-lasting results.

IAS Builders: Chamber of Commerce Member

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In addition, experts can provide invaluable input on design and construction matters, helping to ensure that your finished project in San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, and other nearby areas meets your expectations.

  • Another key difference is the level of customization that is typically required in commercial construction. Because businesses have specific needs and requirements, their construction projects in San Diego County require a specific design-build approach. This can add an extra level of complexity to your project, as well as additional costs. For all your inquiries regarding your type of construction, our general contractors are standing by for further assistance.

  • Restoration is typically less extensive and focuses on preserving the existing features of a space and returning it to its original condition. On the other hand, a renovation is typically much more extensive, which involves building contractors completely gutting and rebuilding a space and changing its layout.

  • This process typically includes: 

    • Removing all smoke, soot, and debris
    • Cleaning and sanitizing all affected surfaces
    • Repairing structural damage 
    • Replacing materials such as carpets and drywall damaged by the fire
    • Restoring furniture and other items damaged in the blaze
    • Addressing safety concerns such as having systems inspected for proper operation 

    Fire restoration is a complex task best left to general contractors trained in dealing with fire disasters. They will be able to identify potential hazards while also restoring the property to its original condition.

  • Additionally, building contractors operating in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County may need to check for underlying structural damage, such as warping of framing members or affected electrical wiring. Reach out to our pros to ensure the best possible outcome.

  • It’s critical to act quickly in order to minimize damage and prevent further contamination. Calling a professional reconstruction company is the best way to ensure that the job is done properly. Our experts have the necessary tools and skills to quickly assess the situation, carry out any necessary repairs, and thoroughly clean and disinfect affected areas.

  • Whether you need residential or commercial restoration or construction of your property in San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, or any of the surrounding areas, seasoned building contractors will go above and beyond to deliver excellent results. Our comprehensive services don’t stop there, as we’ll also assist you with: 

    • Xactimate estimates 
    • Negotiations with all insurance companies 
    • Drywall texture matching, cabinets, flooring, and other restoration-type repairs
    • Smoke damage mitigation 
    • Fires mitigation and structural repairs 
    • Catastrophe repairs 
    • Flood or water damage reconstruction

    From expert advice and meticulous design to cutting-edge construction and successful completion, our diligent experts will be your partner every step of the way. Call us today and rejuvenate your property with a one-of-a-kind transformation!