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Frequently Asked Questions

  • They can also work to remove odors that may linger in the air and on surfaces long after the fire has been put out. Additionally, they may need to assess any water damage caused by firefighters putting out the blaze. Professionals will also restore or replace any destroyed items and can provide assistance in the insurance claims process.

  • In some cases, a professional may need to add extra support such as columns, posts, and beams to restore structural integrity. No matter the type of repair required, the contractor will work with you to ensure a safe, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing fix that meets local building codes. It’s important to keep in mind that structural repairs are complex and require a qualified expert who has experience handling such projects in San Diego. Reach out to our team for an on-site consultation.

  • They may work with individuals or businesses and specialize in a particular type of disaster, such as floods, fires, or hurricanes. These companies also offer cleanup and repair services.

  • The process begins by assessing the extent of the fire or smoke damage and containing any further spread of hazardous chemicals released from burning materials. This may include sealing off rooms and any other affected spaces. Then, a professional company will inspect the affected area for structural integrity and use specialized equipment to clean up the smoke damage. This process aims to restore a building or structure to its pre-fire state as soon as possible to minimize losses and ensure safety for those occupying the premises.

  • Whether your property is in the vicinity of La Jolla or closer to San Diego Bay, we’ve got you covered.

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