Smoke Damage Cleanup and Restoration 

When a fire occurs, smoke can travel far beyond the immediate fire zone and infiltrate every corner of the affected structure. The lasting impact on your property can be pervasive and distressing, whether it’s the aftermath of a minor kitchen accident or a more substantial blaze.

The residue left behind can be stubborn and linger on surfaces and belongings, and it can also impact air quality. Smoke damage permeates various materials, leaving behind a lingering odor and unsightly stains. Having extensive experience in dealing with smoke damage cleanup, San Diego residential contractors help us shed light on the restoration process by explaining it step by step.

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How long does it take to clean a house from smoke damage?

Smoke damage cleanup is a thorough, multifaceted process that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Its duration can vary depending on multiple factors, like the extent of the damage, the size of the property, or the types of affected materials. A thorough smoke damage cleanup can generally take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. 

When it comes to minor smoke damage cases, where the residue is limited and the structure intact, the cleanup is usually shorter. However, more severe cases require extensive cleaning, repairs, and odor removal, making the restoration last longer.

Rushing through the process is never a good idea, as it can lead to incomplete cleanup and lingering issues. Restoration specialists always prioritize a more meticulous approach to ensure that all traces of smoke damage are effectively addressed. In most cases, smoke damage cleanup consists of the following steps:


Restoring a space damaged by smoke begins with a thorough assessment. Professionals inspect the extent of the damage, identifying directly affected areas and determining the scope of the restoration required. This assessment serves as the basis for developing an individually tailored plan for cleanup and restoration.

Air filtration & ventilation

Before the cleaning process can begin, it’s crucial to provide proper ventilation on the site. Industrial-grade air filtration systems are employed to remove smoke particles and odor from the air, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for restoration specialists.

Surface cleaning

Smoke leaves behind residue that can tarnish surfaces and belongings. Restoration experts meticulously clean affected areas, using specialized cleaning agents designed to remove soot and stains without causing further damage. Surfaces are then cleaned, scrubbed, and restored to their pre-damaged state.

Content cleaning

Belongings affected by smoke require careful attention. Restoration professionals utilize methods such as dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and specialized treatments to restore items to their original condition. This process can include everything from furniture and textiles to electronics and personal items.

Odor removal

The distinct smell of smoke can persist long after the visible damage is gone. To eliminate it, professionals use advanced techniques like thermal fogging and ozone treatments. These methods neutralize odorous particles, leaving behind a fresh and clean environment.

Repairs & restoration

Structural repairs might also be necessary depending on the severity of the damage. This phase involves addressing any damage that has occurred to the building’s infrastructure, like replacing damaged drywall or repairing ventilation systems, for example. By restoring the structure, the property can regain its integrity and safety.

How long does it take to clean a house from smoke damage

Where can I find professional San Diego residential contractors for smoke damage restoration?

Smoke damage cleanup is a comprehensive process that demands precision and expertise. IAS Builders understand the intricacies of smoke damage and the steps involved in its cleanup. You can rely on our expertise for fire damage restoration, or old water damage that needs to be addressed. Our experienced professionals will gladly guide you through information about preventative measures to minimize the possibility of fire, smoke, or water damage. 

Whether you’re located near the San Diego Air & Space Museum or anywhere else across the wider city area, we’ll do our best to help you return to a safe, healthy, and smoke-free environment. Call us today!

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